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The All-in-One AI-powered transcription platform

Accurately transcribe speech into text - even for small languages. From the web platform, to the browser extensions and mobile app, Litteraworks has your transcription needs covered.

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A three-part solution

Tailored for media companies

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Transcription Management System

Manage your transcription needs in one place. Upload video or audio files, track the transcription process and collaborate with your team members.

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Mobile application

Capture the spoken word without delay. Whether it's interviews, press conferences, or meetings, our mobile app puts transcription at your fingertips—available on iOS and Android.

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Browser extension

Get transcript snapshots from any webpage, be it live broadcasts or recorded content. Compatible with Chrome and Edge browsers.

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Ease of use & Collaboration

Designed for Media companies

Our company collaborate with media companies for more then a decade and we know that ease and speed are of the essence. Litteraworks lets your team upload, review, and collaborate on transcriptions, without complicated set-up. This is transcription management, redefined for the media industry.

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Speed & Accuracy

Fast turnaround meets precision

In the world of quick deadlines, every minute counts. Experience a fast transcription process without sacrificing quality. Plus, get automated translations for those international stories. Now supporting a wide range of languages, Litteraworks ensures your team stays ahead, whether you're covering local news or global affairs

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Versatility & Compatibility

A Platform that adapts to your needs

Need to transcribe an MP4 video, a WAV audio, or maybe an obscure media format? No problem. Our platform supports a variety of formats, making it easy to upload files directly from your device or cloud storage. Available for iOS, Android, Chrome, and Edge, Litteraworks fits right into your existing workflow.

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Beyond basic transcriptions

Advanced features for modern workflow

Litteraworks will enrich your media content. Create accessible experiences with automated subtitles, translated into other languages. Get summarizations for quicker editorial decisions, and benefit from automated tagging. You can even transcribe live TV programming on the fly and receive wake-word alerts for that. It's all designed to keep you efficient and your audience engaged.

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Transcription process

How does it work?

step 1

Upload or record

Whether it's an in-person interview or an online video, simply upload your audio or video files through our web platform, use our mobile app to capture moments on the go, or employ our browser extension to transcribe directly from the web.

step 2

Automated transcription and translation

Once the file is uploaded, our AI-powered OpenAI engine kicks in. Your content is transcribed automatically and accurately. Need translations? Get them simultaneously, even for less common languages. The platform is designed with media companies in mind, making it easier to capture and disseminate information globally.

step 3

Review and edit

Access your transcription from any device. The platform allows you and your team to collaboratively review, edit, and listen to the recording in order to fine-tune the text. Our system streamlines this process, saving precious time in the fast-paced media world.


The Benefits that matter to Media Companies

Efficiency Boost

Accelerate your editorial workflow by reducing the time spent on manual transcription tasks. Focus on storytelling, not transcribing.

Language Flexibility

From English to smaller languages, our AI-driven platform offers accurate transcription services that cater to global audiences. Translations included.

In-the-Moment Transcriptions

Our quick turnaround times (e.g., 10 minutes for an hour-long speech) make it easier to cover breaking news and live events.

Collaborative Work

Team members can simultaneously access, edit, and comment on transcriptions, promoting a more collaborative environment.

Automated Insights

Leverage wakeword alerts, automated tagging, and summarizations to quickly identify crucial information in lengthy audio or video content.

Accessibility and Reach

Easily add subtitles and automated translations to your content, expanding its accessibility and potential reach.

Take a step to making your team more efficient with Litteraworks. Get a free demo today!


Flexible Pricing to Match Your Media Operations

Scalable Packages

Whether you're a small podcast or a global news organization, we offer scalable solutions to match your needs and budget.

No Hidden Costs

With our transparent pricing model, you'll never encounter hidden fees or unexpected charges.


We understand the media industry and have designed our pricing to deliver maximum value for your investment.

Risk-Free Trial

Test out Litteraworks with a free demo to understand how it can revolutionize your transcription process before you commit.

Contact us for a personalized quote and a free demo!


Answers to some questions you might have

Litteraworks is a comprehensive, AI-powered transcription platform designed to meet the unique needs of media companies. It includes a web-based transcription management system, mobile applications for iOS and Android, and a browser extension for Chrome and Edge.

Absolutely. We recognize the global reach of media companies, which is why our platform can transcribe in multiple languages, even smaller ones.

Yes, our platform is designed for collaborative work and allows you to manage multiple projects and team members seamlessly.

Security is one of our top priorities. Our browser extension is engineered to be as secure as the rest of our services

No, we operate on a transparent pricing model without any hidden fees. Contact us to receive the offer for your company.

Yes, you can request a free demo to understand how Litteraworks can benefit your media operations before committing to a package.

We offer customer support within working hours via email, chat, and phone. We wll also run an introduction session online for your team, plus you’ll find additional documentation and tutorials in our support center.

The platform can transcribe up to an hour of speech in approximately 10 minutes, depending on the complexity and clarity of the audio.

Absolutely, we continually innovate and plan to introduce new features. This could be based on the ideas we already have, or on the ideas requested by our partners.

It's a straightforward process that takes only a few minutes. There is no integration needed with your current working processes.

We follow industry best practices for data security, including end-to-end encryption, to ensure that your data is safe and confidential. We are fully GDPR-compliant.

Your data is securely stored in EU-based cloud servers that comply with strict privacy and security regulations.

Yes, our browser extension allows you to transcribe content in real-time, including live TV broadcasts. If you would like to transcribe live TV programme constantly or within set hours - let us know and we will set it up.

Absolutely. Our platform can automatically generate accurate captions and subtitles for your video content, making it more accessible. You will receive VTT caption file, which you can use for Youtube or any other video platform. Subtitles can also be automatically translated to other languages.

We are not offering API integration at the moment, but are planning to do so in the future, in order to integrate Litteraworks into your existing media workflow. At the moment, look at it as independent media tool, which you will be able to start using in minutes.

Yes, our web-based platform is designed to be accessible from any operating system with a web browser.

We support a range of file sizes, with maximum file size of 500 Mb.